About B-a-MedFounder

Many people who have ideas about creating medical devices may not have the necessary funds to develop them. Thousands of excellent ideas remain at the level of a dream and never come to fruition.

B-a-MedFounder is the brainchild of a serial entrepreneur in medical devices and an investment banker, experienced in the difficulties of starting a new entrepreneurial project and finding early funding. B-a-MedFounder was founded to give such people a virtual showroom to be visited by investors and donors who wish to provide funds to have medical device inventions and innovations developed with the intention of patients benefitting from the creation of a medically valuable device. It provides an online platform for rendering crowdfunding services to medical device entrepreneurs, investors and donors in the global medical device industry.

B-a-MedFounder Ltd. is a private, limited by shares liability company domiciled in the European Union (the Republic of Cyprus) with two principal shareholders, MedFounder International Ltd. and Me-Da Med International Ltd.