Almost anyone who has an idea about creating a new medical device and who preferably has a lawfully registered start-up company can use B-a-MedFounder's crowdfunding services.

We are building a capable and motivated open network of inventors, experts, investors, donors, and medical device companies who are looking for creative new medical device ideas that have a potential to generate a consistent flow of novel medical products to help people at large. Anyone who has a good idea about creating a new medical device anywhere in the world is a natural member of the global B-a-MedFounder network.

Through our site, you can look for relatively small sums of money in the early stages of your project. When your project reaches to higher levels and becomes more mature, then you can also look for larger sums of money. B-a-MedFounder offers both equity-based and rewards-based crowdfunding services to cater the varying funding needs of your projects.

Our medical and technical experts evaluate the inventions and innovations you propose using a medical device idea screening method. The criteria include novelty, uniqueness, potential of the device to solve a medical problem, and so on. You will not have to do endless repetitive presentations. You, as an inventor, do not have to look for a friend-of-a-friend who knows an Angel or a VC to invest in your project. You prepare your presentation and submit it to us.

Once your project is approved it will be displayed in the B-a-MedFounder virtual showroom for ninety days. Starting with the first day of the ninety-day funding period, investors or donors from anywhere (almost - see countries limiting crowdfunding) will be able to review your project and make pledges.