How it works

  • Profile

    Create Your Project’s Profile

    Each project owner must create a profile page for his/her project that provides an overview of the proposed medical device, initial funding target and incentives offered.

  • Funding

    Choose Equity or Rewards-Based Funding

    Project owners offer either equity or rewards in return for funding. Equity offering terms or reward descriptions will be displayed on the project profile page.

  • Promote

    Promote Your Project & Seek Pledges

    Project owners make their crowdfunding campaigns available to potential investors or donors who can then directly make pledges towards a project’s initial funding target.

  • Equity vs. Rewards


    Start-up companies may offer their shares directly to investors in exchange for pledges made by them. This will typically be in the form of common shares with no voting rights.

    • Offer equity stake in company
    • Typically raising $100k to $700k
    • Available to investors from around the world with certain limitations
    • Must issue shares in company


    Rewards-based crowdfunding allows project owners to offer in-kind rewards such as pre-order medical devices (if permitted) to donors in exchange for their pledges.

    • Offer pre-order medical devices or other souvenirs
    • Typically raising less than $100k / €70k / £60k
    • Available to donors from all around the world
    • No allocation of shares, therefore no equity dilution
  • Pricing

    No Sign-Up Fees

    Signing up to B-a-MedFounder as a project owner, investor or donor is totally free.

    No Project Submission Fees

    Submitting a project to B-a-MedFounder for review and evaluation is also totally free.

    Regressive Success Fees (%)

    Regressive success fees are applicable based on the level of funds raised by a project owner. Please also note that payment processing fees will apply.

Frequently Asked Questions