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  • Diagnostics
  • Wrentham, United States
  • Jan 12 2018
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Proposed Product

Near Infrared Imaging (NII) is on the cusp of causing a paradigm shift in medical imaging. NII’s patented technologies are revolutionary, life-saving, safe, non radiation, non-contact, non-invasive and affordable to the worldwide population.

Current Solutions

Near Infrared Imaging’s first product is the Vein-Eye™, a vein illumination camera that is the highest quality and priced significantly less than the leading selling devices. The Vein-Eye is already selling in more than 35 countries and generating profits and cash flow. We have over 50 distributors and are adding a distributor a week. This is all done with virtually no marketing, advertising, and a very limited and scaled down sales force. With an investment, sales will increase dramatically.

Market Need

When a healthcare professional inserts a needle, it should be accomplished in a timely and safe manner. While vein illumination is important in every needle insertion, it is paramount if the patient is obese, very young, aged or has dark skin. The Vein-Eye saves thousands of missed vein punctures and pain and suffering to the patient, the patients’ family and the healthcare professional.


One in three vein puncture attempts result in failure in adults, and one in two attempts result in failure in pediatrics. That translates to a 50% failure for first-time punctures in pediatrics. The failure rate of vein punctures ranges from 10% to 40% with critically ill patients, where time is of the essence and vein punctures are challenging. There are 20,000,000 to 40,000,000 vein punctures everyday worldwide.

Stage of Development

The Vein-Eye is FDA registered, has the CE Marking, and has 50 distributors in over 35 countries reviewing the Vein-Eye.

Intellectual Property

NII owns exclusive rights to the patents governing the Vein-Eye.

Use of Funds

1) Hire sales directors 2) Hire a Director of Technology 3) Increase Distribution

Lead Investor(s)


Project By:

Michael F.

Michael Feeney, President, M.S., Northeastern University, Boston, MA, has over twenty (20) years sales and sales management experience with optics in medicine and optical networking.



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